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Our Suggested San Francisco Bay Area Urban Wineries

Marker Legend - winery tasting rooms
  • Regularly open with picnic area
  • Regularly open with no picnicking
  • Open by appointment - call first
  • Stars = special promotions (beta)
  • Tasting room + restaurant or full deli - no outside food
  • Deli, bakery, produce, olive oil tasting
  • Explore the San Francisco Bay Area urban wineries

    There are a growing number of wineries and winery tasting rooms located in the urban areas around San Francisco Bay. They are taking advantage of old warehouses and proximty to seven million people. There is a cluster of them forming on Treasure Island with stunning views of the San Francisco waterfront. Most of the wineries are open by appointment only but a growing collective of tasting rooms from wineries in many California regions recently opened a tasting room near Fisherman's Wharf. Many of these wineries have asked to be on our map and our site is now available for them to sign up, create a profile, and to map themselves.

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